The Science Fair

hands-on learning for the entire family

Science fairs are a cornerstone of science education. Believe Limited is bringing both the fundamental and breakthrough science of the day in hemophilia and bleeding disorders to BDC, turning it all into a larger-than-life, community-facing Science Fair comprised of various modules with both visual and tactile experiences.

built with guidance from leading clinicians & experts

Leading Clinicians from around the country have donated their time to help Believe Limited grasp and translate some of the most important scientific concepts in our community into tactile learning opportunities for young people and families. With their guidance we’ve built the first-of-its-kind, hands-on community Science Fair, bringing education and engagement to NHF BDC 2019. Meet our Scientific Advisors here.


inspiring young community members

The inaugural Science Fair is intended to present teens, adults, and families alike the opportunity to learn about the science behind bleeding disorders by combining the interactivity of a true "science center" exhibit with the visual style of the classic science fairs we all grew up with: oversized, brightly-colored tri-folds with hosted, interactive exhibits that young people and families can approach and engage with instantly.

our year-round commitment

The inaugural Science Fair takes place at National Hemophilia Foundation’s annual Bleeding Disorders Conference in Anaheim, California, on Friday, October 4th 2019. But, our commitment to bringing scientific education and engagement to the community is just getting started. Through the website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter properties we’ll be bringing science-based photo, video and podcast content to the community. And with the right support, we’ll be bringing elements of the Fair to chapter events nationwide in 2020.

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Core Science Concepts at The Science Fair™

module 1: the story of factor eight & friends

In a properly functioning clotting cascade, the protein known as factor 8 is made in the liver. Once in the bloodstream, when bleeding occurs, factor 8’s job is to connect factor 9 with factor 10, so that together, they can help create a blood clot. At Module 1, it’s up to YOU to join 8, 9, and 10 and create a real clot.

module 2: why does it hurt so much?! what actually happens when a bleed happens?

Bumps and bruises of daily life result in blood vessel tears all the time, but if someone doesn’t have factor 8 in their bloodstream, he or she will not be able to form a proper blood clot, resulting in uncontrolled bleeding and permanent damage. At Module 2 you’ll be able to see, touch, and feel a knee deteriorating over the course of years of mistreated bleeds.

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module 3: a microscopic look at how we treat hemophilia

At Module 3 “The World’s Largest Microscopes” will give you a closer look at specially-crafted animations tracking hemophilia treatment from the 1950’s through today and beyond.

module 4: the future is under construction! watch your step!

Gene therapy is an umbrella term for what’s known scientifically as either gene addition or gene editing. With respect to hemophilia, most of the science being explored falls under the category of gene addition, where a gene is added to the body in order to replace the function of a gene that isn’t working. At Module 4 you’ll enter a world under construction, with vectors, viruses, and DNA everywhere. Watch your step!


The Science Fair™ wishes to thank our Founding Sponsor, Spark Therapeutics.


The Science Fair™ wishes to thank our inaugural Program Partners, Entertainment to Affect Change (E2AC) and Bleeding Disorders Resource Network (BDRN)