Q. when and where is the inaugural science fair?

A. The Science Fair™ launches on Friday, October 4th, from 11:30am to 6:30pm and will remain open for NHF Bleeding Disorders Conference attendees during the entire 11:30am to 6:30pm window.

Q what does it cost to walk through the experience?

A. Nothing! All Believe Limited programs are free and open to community members. However, the Science Fair experience is a part of the official Exhibit Hall, so you must be registered to attend the conference in order to enter.

Q.what age groups are invited to experience the science fair?

A. The Science Fair is built to accommodate all attendees and is highly recommended for families to experience together. Each module is built to teach core community scientific concepts in multiple ways in order to engage both parents and young people. Our hope is that parents and young people will leave the Fair excited to discuss the modules, the science, and how it all applies to life with a bleeding disorder.

Q. how did you decide what concepts to include in the science fair?

A. Believe Limited has been creating powerful, engaging, educational content and events in the bleeding disorders community for over seven years. Along the way we’ve connected with incredible clinicians and advocates who provide guidance on subject matter, best practices, language and other important factors (pardon the pun) when building programs. Our Scientific Advisory Team on The Science Fair included six clinicians and experts from around the country, and can be seen here.

Q. whO is sponsoring the science fair?

A. Spark Therapeutics is the Founding Sponsor of the inaugural Science Fair. This year’s Program Partners include Entertainment to Affect Change (E2AC) and Bleeding Disorders Resource Network (BDRN).

Q. what should i do if i still have a question about the science fair?

A. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please send your question through our contact form! Someone from Believe Limited will reply within 48-72 hours.



The Science Fair™ wishes to thank our Founding Sponsor, Spark Therapeutics.


The Science Fair™ wishes to thank our inaugural Program Partners, Entertainment to Affect Change (E2AC) and Bleeding Disorders Resource Network (BDRN)